Eftersom Liverpool var iväg till Qatar och spelade klubblags-VM har man haft en match mindre spelad under en tid, nu ska den matchen spelas ikapp. Ikväll ställs man mot West Ham på bortaplan, en match där man tappade poäng förra säsongen. Hammers leds numer av David Moyes, efter att man gjort sig av med Manuel Pellegrini tidigare under säsongen. Om det beslutet och hur klubben mår i övrigt berättar @westhamrambles i dagens Q&A:

1. Tell us a bit about the season so far, How has the first part of the season been?
The season started well, but tailed off rapidly. A mixture of injuries to key players (Fabianski and Antonio), plus a poor squad didn’t help. Pellegrini was stubborn, and made some poor decisions. Although that said, he was well and truly hung out to dry by the board.

2. You replaced Pellegrini with Moyes earlier this season, what are your thoughts on that decision?
Pellegrini had to go, but Moyes was a cheap, unimaginative option. He hasn’t had a job in the last 18 months for a reason.

3. How would you describe the way you play under Moyes?
It’s early days, but it’s generally safety first with Moyes. Solid, fairly tedious football.

4. Who is your player of the year so far? Who is the biggest disappointment?
Antonio, when he can stay fit, is our best player. Biggest disappointment, there’s plenty, but Lanzini for me.

5. Do you expect any new signings for West Ham during this transfer window?
I hope so, as we desperately need a RB, CM and striker.

6. What kind of game Do you expect against Liverpool?
With the injuries we have, and the way we have been playing I expect a fairly heavy defeat.

7. What do you expect to see from West Ham in remaining part of the season?
Hopefully, some more fight from the players, and pick up some points. We have a difficult run of games now, and could be in the bottom 3 very soon. It will go down to the wire, but hopefully we will have enough, just.