Det är inget snack om att årets succélag i Premier League heter Leicester City, nu kommer Vardy, Mahrez och de andra på besök till Anfield när det tuffa jul- och nyårsschemat inleds på allvar. För att få veta lite mer om Foxes säsong kontaktade vi på Totaal Liverpool frilansjournalisten, fotbollsbloggaren och Leicester-supportern David Van Davis för att få hans syn på vad som skett hittills, det här är vad han hade berätta:

1. Tell us about the season so far, guess you are satisfied with your team?

Highly satisfied – I’ve never seen a Leicester side play with such attacking intent, pace and flair. But City aren’t just a side based on physical attributes. What we have this season is quality. A tighter more resolute defensive resilience, coupled with a clinical finisher have seen us kick on from the extraordinary end to last season. The two central midfielders of Danny Drinkwater and N’Golo Kanté have been just as effective as Mahrez and Vardy who have been the subject of media attention and praise

2. Part from Mahrez and Vardy, which players has impressed for you this season?

Drinkwater and Kanté as a pair have been magnificent. I haven’t seen Drinkwater have poor game this season, and Manchester United at home was arguably his least influential performance thus far. N’Golo Kanté has been just as impressive. With pace and tenacity, the Frenchman harasses his opponents. He’s like a small dog chasing a tennis ball around, he’s relentless, never gives up. The fact that he’s made a league-high 64 interceptions as of December shows how significant he’s been to our foray into the upper echelons of the top flight.

3. How would you describe Leicester 2015/16? Strenghts/weaknesses

Strenghts: Indomitable spirit, never say die attitude, reluctance to accept defeat, a tactically astute manager, unerring pace, tenacious and direct midfielders. Weaknesses: Set pieces!! Susceptible to a counter attack…

4. Name three key players for Leicester in the game against Liverpool?

Jamie Vardy, Riyad Mahrez, N’Golo Kanté.

5. The transfer window is coming up, what do you think will happen at Leicester?

I think there will be a lot of talk surrounding Leicester and our players, particularly if we manage to maintain our impressive standing within the context of the Premier League. With the money at our disposal, I think we can certainly attract high profile players, but also think Claudio Ranieri will be reluctant to do so. That being said, if the right player is available at the right price, then I back and trust the Tinkerman and Srividhanaprahba family to land any target. Will anybody leave? I doubt it. If Jamie Vardy is going to leave Leicester City, it will be at the conclusion of the campaign. £25m?! Not many clubs, not even the big boys will be willing to splash out that kind of money on a 29 year old. If anybody leaves it will be Riyad Mahrez, and if a big club comes in for him, I fear the Algerian may wish to depart.

6. What is the biggest change Claudio Ranieri has made?

It’s been well documented that the Italian has come in and has changed much from the previous tenure of Nigel Pearson. Winger Marc Albrighton has been one to sing the praises of the Tinkerman for doing so, and the 64-year-old boss has reserved gratitude for his predecessor. What has changed slightly though is the quality of the players. If we thought the last 9 games of last season saw an upturn in form, then the first fifteen games of this season have been a revelation!


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