Det börjar dra ihop sig nu, det återstår tre omgångar av säsongens Premier League och avgörandet närmar sig. Efter Citys seger mot United igår har vi tappat serieledningen, men vi får en chans att ta tillbaka den redan under fredagen. Redan nedflyttningsklara Huddersfield kommer till Anfield och för vår del är det såklart bara tre poäng som gäller. Sivan John(@Sivanjohn_) skriver för bland annat för @thefootytimes och @TheFootballPink, utöver det följer han också fredagens motståndare och berättar här om hur säsongen varit:

1. It´s been a tough season for Huddersfield, you will probably finish at the bottom of the table, why do you think it hasnt worked out for you?
Our transfer and recruitment strategy were all wrong this season. The player we brought in weren’t up to the task that was required to keep us floating in the Premier League. Also we have lost that “Terrier Identity” that was so crucial in David Wagner’s first two full season. We have regressed in our approach on the field. The defensive approach wasn’t a fundamental in our game plan and it pretty much had effected the player’s confidence level mentality to say the least.

2. You changed manager earlier this season, what are you thoughts on that decision today?
We knew David Wagner was going at the end of the season but the results of the day force him to bring that decision forward. With Jan Siewart on board, it hasn’t gone all smooth for him either. But we need to be fair to him, the players at his disposable aren’t his. So struggle to gel those new ideas in were kind of expected.

3. How do you rate your chances of getting back to the Premier League?
It all depends on what is the recruitment in the coming summer is going to be like but in honesty, I don’t see us back in the Premier League anytime soon. Even by Championship standard, the current is very likely to struggle.

4. Which players do you want Huddersfield to build their team around next season?
I’m loving what I’m seeing from Karlan Grant, I think he is the player that Siewart. Ensuring that he has good support will be vital. It will be good to see the likes of Aaron Mooy, Terence Kongolo, Christopher Schindler, Chris Lowe stick around with us next season, that remains to be seen for the time being.

5. Who would you say is your player of the year?
Schindler for sure, despite of his struggle, he has always given 110% commitment on the field. Its a close call between him and Mooy, but I think Schindler edges him on an overall basis.

6. What kind of game do you expect at Anfield?
I reckon with Liverpool’s prospect of winning the Premier League still very much alive, there is a high chance we could have our backs against the wall right from the get go. As much as Siewart will try to deploy strategy on trying to nick something out of this game, its going to another long afternoon for us. A draw is the least and the best we can hope for.