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Lånekollen: Kamil Grabara, Huddersfield Town

Kamil Grabara
Utlånad till: Huddersfield Town, Championship
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Supporterkommentar från Sivan John(@sivanjohn_):

How has the start of the season been for Huddersfield?
Our season didn’t start well as we would have wanted it to be. I personally felt with the squad that we had we could have put out decent results instead of struggling at the bottom end of the league. But right from the beginning it appears that Jan Siewart wasn’t right fit for us. I mean he is a great person and just like David Wagner, had the potential to be a great coach but the timing wasn’t all right for him as well for us. Change had to be made and that’s why we needed to take a fresh approach. Its great that the club has managed to persuade the Cowleys to take the job. Like most I didn’t know much about them but after reading about their background, I would say their profile is the exact fir for the club. After back to back wins, think it’s fair to say that we’re heading into the right direction. Though these are early days, things are looking much brighter right now.

Has the way you play changed now that you are in the Championship?
Under the Cowleys, we no longer look very depressing as how we have played under Siewart. The results from the first five games is clear testament to the progress we have made under them. Siewart couldn’t get the best of out the team hence why we didn’t look convincing when going forward. For me it isn’t always about results, but I want to see my team playing a brand of football we can proud off. I want to see our players looked to determined on the pitch regardless of who is the opponent just like we were in the first two years under David Wagner. The Cowleys have done just that. The teams looks rejuvenated under the new management and as a fan, I never felt this enthusiast looking forward to our next game in a long time.

How has Kamil Grabara been so far?
So far I would say he has been good for us. The last two games against Stoke and Hull, he has shown that he is capable of being a top goalkeeper. Having back to back clean sheet will help to improve his confidence a lot more. At times he has also made a string of fine saves. Even during our worst days, he has been outstanding for us. I would say he has been our best signings this summer. With the Cowleys on board, I can assure Liverpool fans that Grabara is in good hands.

What do you think are his strengths and weaknesses?
Hard to really say what are his weaknesses right as overall we had a poor start so I can’t put any fault in him for the goals we have conceded since our defence hasn’t been tight. But in terms of strengths, there is no denying that he is a goalkeeper with great reflexes as seen from his outstanding saves. A very compose player between the goalpost and very comfortable with the ball on his feet in any sweeping situation.

You had Danny Ward on loan from us a few years ago, based on what you have seen so far, is he or Grabara the most talented?
Danny Ward is an instant legend for us so I don’t think it is fair for me to comparing who is the better keeper. Even Ward had his off moments but when it matter the most, he was our hero in those penalty shoot outs against Sheffield Wednesday and Reading which help us to win the promotion. I did wish we had Ward for another term as he was very playing comfortable playing under David Wagner’s system but that wasn’t going to happen. Grabara is still young and gifted with a bright future ahead so I’m glad we have with us this season.

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