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Nu har Liverpool offentliggjort att Gary McAllister är klar som ny coach i A-laget.

Brendan Rodgers är nöjd med rekryteringen: ”Gary has a special connection with this club and its supporters, and I’m delighted he is joining our team as first-team coach. When I met him I was struck by his passion, enthusiasm and knowledge for what we’re looking to achieve here. He has experience coaching at the highest level and is someone who can connect with players and help them learn from his knowledge and understanding of representing this great club,” sa Rodgers till Liverpools officiella hemsida.

McAllister har som bekant en bakgrund som spelare i Liverpool. Det var som 35-åring han anslöt från Coventry City på free transfer och blev en kultspelare i den röda tröjan. ”Gary Mac” spelade ett par år i Liverpool och var framgångsrik; bland annat var han delaktig i trippeln 2001 när Liverpool vann FA-, Liga- samt UEFA-cupen.

McAllister kommenterade sitt nya uppdrag: ”I’m delighted. I’m really excited about the prospect of coming back. It’s fantastic and I’m really looking forward to it. I feel as if I owe Liverpool, getting that opportunity at the last stage of my career, at 35 and getting that opportunity.

”This is similar, I feel the same as I did with that – that was a surprise phone call back then when I was given a chance to come and play at Liverpool as a 35-year-old. Right place at the right time, and I just hope it repeats itself. A lot of hard work and dedication… everything is there, Liverpool is a club where you can win things – that’s a fact.”

Den numera 50-årige skotten betonade att han ser fram emot att jobba med Liverpools nuvarande spelare: ”I’m looking forward to working with the players. There have been some exciting signings and there are some fantastic players already at the club. There’s definite quality there and I’m just looking forward to getting in amongst it.”