Nu har NESV varit på Anfield & Melwood, där de har bekantat sig en smula med tränarstaben och spelarna.

Den nya delägaren John W Henry har redan uttryckt sitt stöd för Roy Hodgson och spelarna:  ”We know it’s been an uncertain time. We talked to the players today and we talked to Roy. And I think our message was simple: ’We’re here to support you and encourage you’.

”Our feeling is we’re here to stabilise and to answer questions that might be lingering, and to just come in and have the same attitude we had in Boston. That is to be smart managers and to listen. Our first intention is under-promise but over-deliver.”

Henry motiverade köpet: ”We bought Liverpool because this is our chance to compete at the highest level in the world’s most popular sport. You don’t get that very often.”

Han tillade: ”We know it’s about revenue and about generating the revenue to compete. In Boston we’ve gone toe-to-toe with the New York Yankees which is the same as going toe-to-toe with Manchester United, Arsenal and Chelsea. It’s a huge challenge but we’re aware how much work it’s going to take to do that.”

NESV:s ordförande Thomas Werner har också pratat med medier angående det nya ägarskapet. Han påpekade att NESV vill stabilisera klubben: ”I think it’s been a very interesting rollercoaster but now our focus is on stabilising the club.

”We’ve been with the players this morning and the manager and we introduced ourselves, told them that we’re here to be supportive, to be constructive and we have a great history in Boston of providing the resources to win and we expect to do the same.”

Nu ser Werner fram emot att spendera de kommande dagarna i Liverpool: ”We look forward to spending the next few days here talking to various stakeholders and telling them about a little bit of our track record and how we’re going to go about our business.”

Samtidigt var Werner noggrann med att berömma klubbens tradition: ”I think that Liverpool is one of the great clubs in all of sport, it’s history, it’s tradition, it’s fans – in some ways it’s similar to the fans of the Boston Red Sox in that they’re loyal, they’re passionate and it’s our good fortune to be stewards and we hope that we will take care of this extraordinary club and provide it with the resources and the commitment to win in the near future and hopefully restore some of its lustre.”

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  1. Härligt att se bilderna på Henry när han är ute bland fansen! Han verkar vara en väldigt ödmjuk man och han kommer att bli väl mottagen om han fortsätter att vara det.

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