Liverpool FC status

Skadeläge: Firmino(fortfarande inte i full träning), Elliot(skadad), Origi(utgick skadad mot Milan)

Trolig startelva (4-3-3): Alisson, Alexander-Arnold, Konaté, van Dijk, Robertson – Fabinho, Milner, Thiago – Mané, Salah, Minamino

Tankar om elvan: Jag tror Klopp kommer att använda större delar av elvan under den här matchtäta perioden, i onsdags vilade Mané och van Dijk, den här gången tror jag det är Matips och Jotas tur att få börja bredvid. Kanske väntar man med Konaté till matchen mot Norwich, men jag skulle inte bli förvånad om vi får se honom bredvid van Dijk redan i morgon. På mittfältet kommer det bli ändringar, men det är svårt att sia om vilka. Att Thiago ska starta känns väldigt troligt, hans styrkor behövs i den här matchen och han borde vara utvilad efter att bara ha gjort ett inhopp mot Milan. Det kan bli Curtis Jones, det kan bli Oxlade-Chamberlain, men tror det är dags för James Milner att få en start igen. Minamino fick en oväntad startplats mot Palace förra året, kanske är det dags för det igen i morgon?

Crystal Palace status
– Daniel Crame (@palacedann), @theeaglesbeak

1. Roy Hodgson stepped down as manager for Palace after last season, how will you remember him?

The job Roy took on at Palace after his predecessor Frank de Boer was nothing sort of chaos with players, staff and the board unhappy with how things turned out under the Dutchman. We all hoped for Roy to be the stability we needed after seven games without a win or a goal and it’s safe to say this was achieved. I”ll remember Roy very fondly as Palace really owe our Premier League status to him. Despite the tactics being boring and old fashioned, results came every season and I was never worried about relegation under him. Wins against top sides happened along the way as well so those are right up there with his highlights as Palace boss.
2. Now Patrick Vieira is your new manager, what can you say about him so far? How does he want your team to play? Do you think he is the right man for the job?
The manager search was a long and sometimes daunting one for Palace fans but I think Patrick Vieira is installing something very exciting at Palace. He wasn’t my first choice but credit where it is due, he’s come in with a plan to play exciting, from the back, passing football and executed it very well so far. There will be times the new tactics may catch us out however, I’m very optimistic for the future under the Frenchman.
3. What are your thoughts on your performances so far this season?
Starting away at the European champions is never an easy one, so Chelsea was a free hit. With a new manager, new faces and new tactics in the Palace end, a loss wasn’t a surprise. Coming back twice against a West Ham side in very good form was brilliant and showed our resilience as a side. I admit that I came away from Selhurst frustrated with the goalless draw with Brentford but, anyone could see that the football on display was something so different to what we were used to under Roy Hodgson. Then we have the 3-0 win against Tottenham. Wow, what a game and result. Not only do we never get anything out of Spurs normally but to have 60% possession and not let Harry Kane have a touch in our box is extraordinary. The stats that accompany it prove the direction Vieira wants to take us in and I’m excited.
4. Are you satisfied with what Palace did during the transfer window?
Very satisfied. It was the best transfer window in Palace’s history. Signing Micheal Olise form Reading on the cheap kicked it all off and what a talented boy he is. Guehi and Andersen from Chelsea and Lyon respectively compliment each other very well and fit Vieira’s play from the back style. Connor Gallagher has been a revaluation in midfield for us since we signed, I’d love him to stay permanently already. Will Hughes adds squad depth and genuine quality but does need to prove himself in the Premier League. Edouard from Celtic for 15 million is great business. He proved that with 2 touches against Spurs! It was a very good window at a time when the club desperately needed it.

5. What do expect from Palace this season? What would be a good season for Palace?
I expect Palace to be safe at the end of the season but have a few scares along the way. A new manager, new faces and new tactics need time to gel, even if they appear to be already after the convincing Spurs win. A good season for Palace would be a top half finish. A great season would be reaching a European spot but that does still feel like a dream!

6. What are your thoughts on Liverpool this season?
I can’t say I’ve watched any of Liverpool’s games live so far but from highlights it looks like business as usual for you. Apart from the draw at Chelsea, the fixtures have been kind so I’m interested to see how you fare against United and City this season. That said, I do think it’ll be all four of the sides mentioned in the top four at the end of the campaign.


Totaal reflektion: För första gången på länge känns det mer oklart vad man kan vänta av en match mot Crystal Palace. Under Hodgson var de oftast svårspelade, starka defensivt och vassa i omställningarna, men det är lite för tidigt för att kunna säga något om laget under Vieira. På Anfield ska såklart Liverpool vinna, men motståndarna kommer från en stark insats mot Spurs och har överlag startat säsongen övertygande. Transferfönstret vittnar om ett lag under ombyggnad och min känsla är att de är på god väg mot att få till en spännande elva. Många av de äldre spelarna har lämnat och nya, mer utvecklingsbara har kommit in. Att matchen kommer direkt efter en tuff CL-drabbning för vår del gör att det känns lite mer osäkert, men det är inget snack om att vi är stora favoriter här.