Wolverhampton, igår tog de sin andra raka seger mot Manchester City, i morgon kommer de till Anfield för att försöka bli det första bortalaget som lämnar arenan med poäng. Liverpool kommer också från en imponerande insats, då man pulvriserade Leicester totalt i seriefinalen, så det är två formstarka lag som ska göra upp. The Old Gold and Black(@TheOldGold1877) driver en youtube-kanal om Wolves och gästar oss även denna säsong och berättar här om hur säsongen varit för vargarna, ska tilläggas att intervjun gjordes innan den senaste omgången.

1. Tell us a bit about the start of the season, are you satisfied with the teams performances and the amount of points you have gained?
Most fans were concerned at the start of this season because of the Europa League. We’ve seen so many other teams struggle to manage the intensity of games in the early part of the season; and although we didn’t win for quite a long time, we weren’t losing many games. Since October though we have found the winning formula and have gone from strength to strength in both competitions. If you would have offered us 6th place and the last 32 of the Europa League back in August, we would have bitten your hand off. It’s been great but the number of draws in the league against teams we should be beating does offer a little bit of frustration- we could easily be in the top 4 but also, had we have not gained points from those games we would be languishing down the bottom of the table.

2. Youve played in the Europa League this season, how has that been?
The Europa League has been a fantastic experience. I think for most other clubs of our stature (newly promoted) it can be seen as an unwanted distraction; however, with the experience and quality of our squad, it’s something that the club wants to excel in. It was a little bit of a disappointment to not win our group; the games against Braga ultimately cost us; but the draw for the next round has been kind and we should get past a woeful Espanyol team. I genuinely think that it is the main priority for us this season as it could be the way to fast-track the team into the Champions League. Wolves beat both Arsenal and Chelsea last season, and watching them on their routes to the final made us believe we could achieve something similar.

3. Has Espirito Santo changed anything in the way you play this season?
In a way. Halfway through last season he converted from the 3-4-3 that got us promoted, to a 3-5-2. We were being over-run in midfield and the extra body (Dendoncker) helped to negate that issue. However, at the start of this season we found ourselves lacking any creativity with the 3 in the centre of midfield, particularly against the poorer teams in the division. Therefore, Nuno reverted back to the 3-4-3 and really utilised the qualities of Adama Traore. A player who caused so many headaches for our own fans last season, is now proving a difficult prospect for every opposition’s left-back. He is definitely one to look out for on Sunday. I expect Wolves to start with the 3-5-2 to try and contain Liverpool for the first hour or so of the game and the switch to the 3-4-3 to try and nick something on the counter.

4. Who is your player of the season so far?
Although there is a huge emphasis on how much of a team Wolves are, and how nobody is bigger than the team; there is no doubt that without Adama Traore this season, we would not be doing as well as we are. There is no other player in world football like Adama. His pace is electric and he has improved his decision making so much. With 3 goals and 3 assists in the Premier League this season, it might not sound like a lot but the number of times he gets in behind a defense and draws defenders over to him, leaves so much space for players like Jota and Jimenez to capitalise on. He still makes the odd mistake and is not the most reliable in defensive situations, but his pace helped him to keep a lid on Sterling at the Etihad earlier on this season. I’m hoping that he will help make things happen on Sunday.

5. January is getting closer, do you think Wolves will sign any new players?
Definitely. Wolves have a very small squad and if rumours are to believed it is going to get even smaller over the January window. Nuno has already confirmed that there will definitely be players coming in and that he is always thinking of ways to improve the squad. The reason we didn’t spend big in the summer was because we hadn’t guaranteed our position in the group stages of the Europa League; with the team performing so well in the group and the risk of going out in the next round, I’m unsure as to how much money will be spent. I think there will be more loan signings in the short term; a market Wolves have used very well in recent years.

6. What do you expect from the team in the second part of the season?
I am hoping that we’ll see Wolves turning all these draws into some wins and confirm our place in the top 6. At the beginning of the season, all I wanted was a decent run in Europe and to stay in the Premier League; but with how well we have started, I think that the top 6 should definitely be our aim and I can’t see why, with a bit of good fortune, the top 4 could be in sight. In terms of Europe, I want to win the whole thing!

7. You won away to Man City earlier this season, how do you rate your chances of getting a good result at Anfield?
We have a chance. The travelling and games out in Qatar, will have had an impact on the Liverpool team, and the recent performance against Watford was less than convincing, so we live in hope. Manchester City have been unstoppable over the last couple of years, but they still looked vulnerable at times during those two title-winning seasons; Liverpool are freaks- they never look like dropping a point. I know that Liverpool fans are very cautious, having thrown away big leads in the past, but that isn’t going to happen this time. However, with all that being said, unbeaten runs have to come to end at some point and SURELY you are close to the end of that run than the start of it. We have beaten you at Anfield a couple of times in recent memory and I am hoping we can sting you on Sunday. All the best and congratulations in advance on winning the title!