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På söndagseftermiddagen kommer Tony Pulis och hans West Bromwich Albion på besök till Anfield. Motståndarna parkerar för tillfället på en trettondeplats och kommer med en förlustfri svit på tre matcher. Baggies börjar se ut som ett stabilt bygge och vi kontaktade Dan, flitig deltagare på EPL Round table och skribent på Baggies Facts, för att få veta lite mer om hur deras säsong sett ut hittills. Det här är hans syns på på det som skett hittills:

1. Tell us about the season so far, are you satisfied with your team?

I am happy with where we are. However there are many Baggies fans who aren’t too happy with the style of play we have used in getting there.
The effort and commitment from our players can never be questioned under Tony Pulis though and we do have a couple of top, top players. Jonny Evans and Darren Fletcher are both names that I could never of dreamed of signing a few years back, without Pulis these signings probably don’t happen.
To keep our fan base completely happy, we need to start dominating in games against the teams around us, rather than still adopting a defensive approach. I’m not sure whether that will happen, mind.

2. Which players has impressed for you this season?

It has to a the man mentioned in the previous question. Jonny Evans. He has been an absolute rock at the back for us. He is very much still good enough to be playing for Man Utd, so to see him appearing in the famous blue and white every week is a pleasure. He is very calm under pressure and hopefully he can be utilised to good effect against the Reds this weekend.

3. How would you describe West Bromwich Albion 2015/16? Strenghts/weaknesses

Our strengths come in defensive areas. We won’t push you too hard while you have the ball but the pressure will be on Liverpool try and break us down. We will try and turn the ball over in promising areas and hit you on the counter attack as well as utlising set pieces when we have them. Our weaknesses come when you look at our amount of shots this season, only Villa have managed less!

4. Name three key players for WBA in the game against Liverpool?

In this particular game the importance of the backline is key and we will no doubt be relying on Boaz Myhill to be on his game. Managing Moreno for me is also a tough job, every time I watch Liverpool you notice how well he works in attacking areas. Craig Dawson will be our man covering him. Finally, if we are to win the game we will be hoping Salomon Rondon playing in the lone strikers role performs. He has three goals this season, all from headers, so one off his boot would be nice!

5. You signed Rickie Lambert from us this summer, how has his season been so far?

Very stop, start. He was seen as a bit of a coup when we signed him from Liverpool in the summer but due to spending a massive (for us!) £12m on Rondon he has seen his chances limited. His best game came away at West Ham a couple of weeks back where his introduction at half time helped win us a point when it very unlikely. He will no doubt score some important goals for us as the season goes on. Our Head Coach is also commenting on his impact in the dressing room and how well regarded he is by his team mates.

6. Swedish defender Jonas Olsson has been in your club for a while now, how is he rated among you fans?

Jonas Olsson is simply a part of the club. He has been here through good times (promotions) and bad (relegations) and has always given 100%. His game on the ground is sometimes questionable but in terms of winning battles with a striker, he can boss games on his day. It is likely he could keep his place in the team against Liverpool so watch this space!

7. Almost everyone interested in Premier League has an opinion on your manager, what is your opinion on Tony Pulis?

Personally I don’t love the guy but I do understand the abilities and positives he brings to the club. Stability and success through purely winning games any way possible isn’t something to be taken lightly in the Premier League. Look at Swansea and their apparent attractive style and where it has got them this season. I am happy for Pulis to take the club forward so long as gradually we see improvements attacking wise. Sometimes we see glimmers and many don’t understand why we don’t see this more often. I feel with his rigid defensive setup players simply find it tough with the transission to attacking play.

8. Finally, the transfer window is coming up, do you think you have any players coming in?

Maybe one or two. If Berahino does finally leave then Pulis will no doubt be asking the club if he can spend that money. In terms of players we need, there are a few areas we could probably do with strenghtening

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  1. Pl som liga har gått ner sig avsevärt i underhållningsvärde de senaste åren. Varenda jäkla lag backar ju bak med 9 man och försöker kontra. Det syns ju på toppen hur jämnt det är också. Som åskådare så känner jag att det går utför, undrar lite hur bra klopps pressfotboll kommer att funka när inga lag spelar boll.

    Mer gnäll nu, ny målis behövs. Helvete att vi inte kan låsa matchen vid 1-0.

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