Matcherna fortsätter att dugga tätt, i morgon kommer Southampton till Anfield. Matchen blir, som vanligt de senaste åren, ett tillfälle för några av våra spelare att möta sin gamla klubb, men vi får också se en av våra gamla spelare i Southampton-tröjan. Danny Ings har gjort en väldigt fin säsong och det börjar spekuleras i om han till och med håller på att spela till sig en plats i den engelska EM-truppen. Om det och mycket annat berättar Allen Gunn(@a_gunzy) från St.Marys Musings(@StMarysMusings) här:

1. Tell us about the season so far, are you satisfied with where you are in the table now?
I think considering we were amongst the bottom three just a few weeks ago, I am 100 percent content with where we are in the table. There’s still a lot to said on the season with how tight the table is from fifth to the bottom, but we’re on the up.

2. Southampton decided to stick with Hasenhüttl even though you had a few really bad games, what are your thoughts on your manager?
It was the right decision to stick with Hasenhuttl. I didn’t see the board moving away from him anyway, despite some of the results we had, including the 9-0 shelling at Leicester. I think the turn away from three centre backs and going with a 4-4-2 has been the difference maker, and one I preached from the outset. I never liked us playing so defensively, especially at home.

3. Danny Ings, how important is he to Southampton? Do you think we will see him in the European Championships this summer?
He’s the most important player for us. He’s our only reliable goal threat – Nathan Redmond and James Ward-Prowse will pose a threat, but Ings is who we rely on. I think he’s been managed really well this season in terms of his fitness and health. I hope he’ll be given real consideration heading into the Euros. He’s one of the few English strikers in form and has shown he can bag goals in bunches.

4. What are yor expectations on the remaining part of the season?
I expect much of the same. To just keep prodding away and making safety all but certain. With the way our season appeared to be going early on, anything else is an added bonus. I think it would be an insane season if we somehow pushed for a Europa League spot, which in this table is not out of the realm of possibility.

5. There are rumours of both Adam Lallana and Dejan Lovren leaving Liverpool in the summer, would you like Southampton to try to get any of them back?
I would not take Lovren back. I think Lallana has been talked about in previous windows, but with his wages I don’t see it happening. If we were getting the Lallana of a few years ago, I think people would be receptive to the idea, but he hasn’t done much the last few seasons and getting an older player is not part of Southampton’s way of thinking, even if they are from our academy.

6. What kind of game do you expect against Liverpool? How do you think you will line up?
I expect Liverpool to win [laughs]. I think we’ll stick to our 4-4-2 and come out with a punch or two, but much like the rest of the league, we aren’t strong enough to contend with the power Liverpool has at its disposal.