En knapp vecka har gått sedan mötet med Manchester City och nu är det dags för Liverpool att försöka komma på rätt spår igen. Motståndet är dock allt annat än lätt, det är en av våra konkurrenter om CL-platserna som står på andra sidan, nämligen Brendan Rodgers Leicester. Här berättar Austin Forbes(@OCPlayer1) om hur deras säsong varit hittills:

1. Tell us a bit about the first half of the season, are you satisfied with the team so far?
We are definitely satisfied with our start of the season so far. Yes we probably lost points in a lot of games that we shouldn’t of but so is everyone else. So there isn’t too much to fret there. But the fact that we really haven’t had a full strength squad yet still gives us hope.

2. Last season you missed out on Champions League in the final games of the season, how do you rate your chances of making it this season?
So far they look really good to get back in the Champions League. However, we were saying the same thing last year and with how unpredictable this season has been you can only think about the collapse of us last season

3. How has your summer signings performed so far?
Castagne at the beginning of the season was amazing. He’s however taken a step back after his injury and has fallen out of the starting 11. Fofana has been absolutely outstanding by far our best transfer this summer. He is injured and a partnership with him and Soyuncu would give lots of teams attackers problems

4. Who has been your player of the year so far?
Has to be James Justin. We got him last year just to be a squad player and fill in for Pereira and Chilwell if need be. But he has gone from that to a possible candidate for the England Euro squad his versatility his attacking and defensive workrates leads me to think he is one of the best defenders in the league right now.

5. Brendan Rodgers is getting a lot of praise for his job at Leicester, what do you think is his biggest strengths as a manager?
His tactics this season has been so diverse this year and he just brings that experience that we do vitally need in the team. His football is so free flowing and easy on the eye that will have big clubs searching for his signature.

6. Previous summers you’ve lost some of your most important players to other teams in the league, do you fear the same will happen this summer or do you think you are strong enough to keep them now?
Every year we always fear that but if you think about it when we lose a player we make loads of money and then buy an even better player for that position. We sold Maguire for 80 mil and then bought Soyuncu and Fofana for 60 mil.

7. What kind of game do you expect against Liverpool?
This season it’s hard to expect anything anymore. Liverpool is in the worst form I’ve seen them since Brendan was there. Which has me thinking about Klopp’s job security. But with big teams who are struggling you still fear that against you they’ll figure it out and you’ll be in for a very hard day. I think LCFC win but it will be a very exciting tight game. 3-2 Foxes