Bournemouth kom in som en frisk fläkt i Premier League under förra säsongen och trots nederlagstippningar lyckades man hålla sig kvar i högsta serien. Den här säsongen har utvecklingen fortsatt och efter flera fina resultat har man skaffat sig en bra plattform för resten av säsongen. Simon Reed(@ebtks) bloggar om laget på Yahoo Sports och berättar nedan om säsongen hittills, bland annat får vi veta hur nyförvärven från oss skött sig:

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1.What are your thoughts on the season so far? Are you satisfied with the amount of points you have gained?
Yes, very satisfied. After our first two games that we lost in largely uninspiring fashion (Manchester United at home and West Ham away) I was hugely concerned that we might be continuing the terrible form that we ended the previous campaign with – but it’s all clicked together of late and we’re hopefully on course to survive another season in the top flight. Fingers crossed!

2. What has been the talking points around the team this season?

Tough to pinpoint, but I’d say the midfield. With Jack Wilshere coming in on loan from Arsenal we’ve made a subtle upgrade from last season – as we’re now not just relying on tricky wingers to grab us most of our goals, but can also play through the middle of the park as well. Wilshere helps amply in the latter too, as he can pick out runs that our other midfielders perhaps wouldn’t spot.

3. How would you describe Eddie Howe as a manager?

There is literally no other person on the planet better suited to being AFC Bournemouth’s manager, and I wouldn’t trade him in for anyone else. He is revered amongst our fans for not only saving us from extinction but also getting us promoted all the way from League Two to the Premier League. I have endless respect for the way he has distinct footballing principles and sticks by them no matter what. So yeah, you could say I like him quite a bit.

4. Tell us a bit about the way you play. Strengths/Weaknesses

We play fast attacking football which has us passing it out from the back – which can be hugely effective against many of the lower placed sides in the division, but suicidal against the elite clubs. That said, we matched Spurs earlier this season when it came to pressing – so hopefully we’re slowly learning to compete against the best in this division.

5. You signed Jordon Ibe and Brad Smith from us in the summer, how has their first time at your club been?

Jordon Ibe has been a largely frustrating presence in the team so far, especially considering his price-tag. He’s more likely to lose the ball than beat his man or make the right pass, and although there are flashes of genius I think he could well be dropped from the starting eleven soon considering that there are more consistent and reliable performers who could take his place. That’s in comparison with Brad Smith who has barely played, a couple of cup games aside. When he has he’s looked shaky defensively and not up to the task of taking Charlie Daniels’s place in the team. Not ideal, but like Ibe he’s young and hopefully they’ll both come good eventually.

6. The transfer window will open in January, what do you think will happen for Bournemouth?

Not much, as I think Eddie is very happy with how the team is performing currently – the main challenge will be holding onto our existing players rather than bringing anyone new in. That said I wouldn’t be surprised to see us bring in another defender and striker.

7. What are your thoughts on Liverpool and Jurgen Klopp, do you think we can challenge for the title?

I’ve seen us do nothing but lose to Liverpool in recent years – be it in the league, FA Cup, or League Cup – so I’d be lying if I said you were my favourite club! I do think Klopp has worked wonders so far though, and appears to be building Liverpool up in the same way as he did with Dortmund – creating a hard working but hugely effective attacking unit. I personally think you may just fall short of the title this year…but it’ll be close.