Lauren Black(@lauren_black9) från bland annat @TheRedmenTV är tillbaka med en lägesrapport kring hur det går för Liverpool FC Women, som efter en turbulent start på säsongen börjat få lite stadga under Vicky Jepsons ledning och bland annat kan se fram emot en kvartsfinal i FA-cupen.

  1. Vicky Jepson has signed as manager since last time, how has she done so far? How would you describe the way she wants the team to play? I think Vicky Jepson is the perfect fit for the managers role at the club. She has been involved with us for a number of years now so I think there is no one better for the job at the minute. She had a difficult start and it took a while for the team to get going but over the last couple of weeks the team have performed excellently so she is doing a really great job!

    2. How has the results been in the past months? Are you satisfied with the the season so far?
    Results recently have been great. We’ve won our last couple of games and have reached the quarter-finals of the FA Cup. We had a rough patch around the start of this year and the back end of last year but the girls have found a bit of momentum so hopefully that continues for the remainder of the season.

3. If you compare to last season, what has the team developed? What do you think needs to improve more?
The team we had last year compared to now is completely different. We lost a lot of key figures from the group but I think the group of girls we have now are a very close nit group and you can see that on and off the pitch. This team can only go up but it’s going to take some time for us to get there.

4. Which players have impressed you the most so far?
I’ve been impressed with a lot of our players this season. Courtney Sweetman-Kirk is our top scorer with 11 goals this season and has been on great form the last few games. Leighanne Robe has been a star this season alongside Sophie Bradley-Auckland at the back, Anke Preuss has performed well too in goal and then obviously you have all our midfield players too. It’s hard to pick just one individual at the moment.

5. What are your expectations on the remaining part of the season?
For the remainder of the season I expect us to just continue the way we are going and try and finish as high as possible in the table. We have some difficult fixtures still to play and and FA Cup quarter-final to look forward to so it’s looking like a promising end to the season for us