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På dagens presskonferens förkastade Brendan Rodgers de rapporter som gör gällande att Luis Suarez kan vara på väg till Manchester City.

”There will be no bidding war. He’s staying here,” sa Rodgers.

”If we lost Luis then we’ve got no strikers. I don’t think we can afford to lose anyone.

”He’s certainly not someone we want to sell or move on.

”He’s been a brilliant player to work with and we want to add to our squad, not take people out of it, especially a world-class player.”

Suarez skrev som bekant på ett nytt kontrakt i somras – och Rodgers är övertygad om att Liverpool har uruguayanens fortsatta lojalitet: ”We just continue to work and stay focused on what we try to achieve,” sa Rodgers.

”Luis has already shown in the summer his commitment to the club, he’s signed a new deal.

”I think you’ve seen up until this point he’s in a great moment in his footballing life here at Liverpool: he is scoring goals and working well.

”I’ll just continue to communicate with all the players and Luis in particular. Like I say, he’s very happy here.”

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Samtidigt hävdar The Manchester Evening News att en högt uppsatt källa inom Manchester City har förnekat att klubben är intresserade av Suarez.