Brendan Rodgers åter åter igen snackat om transfers, där han bland annat nämner Daniel Agger och Andy Carroll. Rodgers sa detta på dagens presskonferens, och citaten kommer från The Mirror, som var på plats på presskonferensen.

Om Agger: ”For me there has been no big change. The first point is we don’t want to sell him. Secondly, I believe he will be a player who will thrive in this way of working and thirdly he doesn’t want to leave – which is a great help as well. He is a top player and I want to keep him here. Over the last couple of months we have been able to sell the project and vision to a number of senior players. They are very happy to move forward with it and I would expect Daniel to be the same. He made that clear in the very first conversation we had that he wanted to be part of our revolution here in terms of moving forward and he hasn’t wavered from that in any single way whatsoever. Other reported clubs have made bids for him, which is natural, because he is a top player. But for us nothing has changed: he doesn’t want to go and we don’t want to sell him.”

Om Carroll:”He knows where he stands. He is an important part of our group and that is how I see it at the moment. If you are a team that puts crosses in and are firing them in from all angles he is a great player in the box. Naturally his height and his power gives him that strength but if you play a different style it is that much more difficult. Most managers have a way of playing and a Plan A in terms of the way they want to play. I will always try to make Plan A better before I go to Plan B. If trying to make Plan A better doesn’t work then we go to Plan B and then probably Plan C. Andy’s strengths are someone else’s weakness but we have that flexibility in the group and that will serve us well going forward. There is no doubt he is happy to be here, which is important, and of course every player wants to play but there are not many players here you can promise will play. All he wants to do is work hard every day in training and hopefully get an opportunity at some stage to show his form. If that doesn’t happen then he’ll be like every other player, because they want to play games. He is concentrating on being here and we will see what develops.”

Om spelare på väg in: ”We hope in the next couple of days we’ll have one or two coming in. Hopefully in the next 48 hours we will find out.”

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  1. Vill läsa att Nuri Sahin är klar nuuuuu!


    hur går dina tankar kring Carroll? Det är väl rätt uppenbart att Brendan vill hitta en deal där vi säljer han, Jag minns när han värvades, vilka förhoppningar folk satte på han, det sas att han kunde bli precis hur bra som hellst, en monstertank med faktiskt bra teknik och ett fantastiskt skott. Han skulle leda vårt anfall i 10 år osv osv. Och sen blev det så här misslyckat. Jag tror fortfarande han kan bli en väldigt duktig forward i en klubb som spelar hans spel.

    Du har mer källor och bättre info än mig. hur har snacket gått kring carroll under hans tid i Liverpool, har klubben internt varit besviken på han, har han tränat bra osv osv? Och sista frågan kan han bli kvar och vända det här, ser du kapasitet att spela brendans spel?