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Brendan Rodgers har åter igen snackat om potentiella nyförvärv. Han betonar att denna säsong har varit lärorik för både honom och laget: “This year has provided a great learning curve for me and I look back and see that it was learning that I needed. I knew the expectancy of the club but going into next season, I am a much better prepared manager for that. We want to make significant improvements next year in the points total because the reality is we are 30 points behind the leaders and 11 points behind the top four,” sa Rodgers enligt The Liverpool Echo.

Rodgers betonar framförallt att han vill få in nyförvärv med vinnarmentalitet: “But I’ve seen enough and if we improve our mentality in the summer – by signing players who have that consistent winning mentality – we can then improve again, like we have done in the second half of the season.”

Intressant nog fortsätter Rodgers med att påpeka att det är rekryteringsgruppens jobb att identifiera dessa spelare: “That’s the job of the recruitment team and the club to identify those types of players. They might not always be the best players but what we need in the second year of this project is to find a great level of consistency. There is a process of getting into the top four and becoming champions and that is consistency.

“This club didn’t win two league games in a row for over a year. That came earlier on in the season and when you step back and look at that, it is nowhere near good enough if you are going to succeed. You build a mentality in your group and you get the types of players who can be on it every single game. I’ve loved every minute of being here and the small steps of where we want to go. But now I want to make bigger steps,” avslutade Rodgers.

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Tidigare ikväll var Brendan Rodgers på Emirates Stadium för att kolla på James McCarthy och Callum McManaman (The Times).

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Liverpool kommer att kräva Christian Tello i utbyte mot Pepe Reina. Rodgers vidhåller att han inte vill sälja Reina, men han vore villig att lyssna om Barcelona kastar in Tello i mixen. Tello har en utköpsklausul på £8,5 miljoner i sitt kontrakt med Barcelona, som har indikerat att de kan vara villiga att betala uppemot £10 miljoner för Reina (The Mirror).