Pepe Reina kanske är populär hos Benitez, men han är knappast detsamma hos de amerikanska ägarna efter dagens utspel där han öppet kritiserar ägarnas stöd på transfermarknaden. 

”The buying power of clubs is very different. You can’t sign players if you don’t have the money, and if there is no money, that’s it. As a player, there’s nothing you can do. We know what’s in the squad; we can’t do anything about it. All we can do is roll up our sleeves, work hard and try to win matches”, sa Reina till The Guardian.  

”It would be good if the owners made an effort economically, if they pushed. It would be lovely if we could find ourselves in an economic position where we can bring players in and build a squad that can compete with other sides. But it’s up to the owners to try to bring players in, not us.”