Senegalesen måste genomgå en knäoperation.

Sadio Manés knäskada är tyvärr så illa som befarat. Idag bekräftade Jürgen Klopp att Mané måste genomgå en operation och troligtvis missar resten av säsongen.

– Sadio will, we’re pretty sure, need surgery. We’re not 100 per cent sure when it will happen, but then it is clear his season is over,” meddelade Klopp på dagens presskonferens.

– That’s what I expected, actually, when I saw the video after the game. I thought he was lucky in this situation that not more happened, but now we are close to the end of the season and that means it will be pretty much impossible that he will play again this season. But then he’ll have a long break and be ready for next season, so that’s the only good news, fortsatte Klopp.