Liverpool vill ha Stevan Jovetic (Twitter).

Kommentar: Jag har nämnt Jovetic förut och han skulle onekligen vara en lysande värvning för Liverpool. Han var skadad hela förra säsongen, men har kommit tillbaka på ett bra sätt. Budkrig i januari?

* * *

Arsenals nyckelspelare Robin van Persie har inte bråttom med att förlänga sitt kontrakt med klubben: “I still have almost two years until 2013. So for the moment that’s fine, but I don’t know. We will have to look,” sa van Persie till The Mirror.

“I’m happy with my contract, I’m good. That’s how it is, I can’t say much more. I can’t look into the future.

“The main thing for me is the team and that we play well. I do believe you have to look for a right moment to sit down and speak about your own stuff. It’s not only about me, it’s about the team.

“I don’t want to give the wrong message to speak about my own stuff while the others are a bit more important.

“I can’t say we are talking now because we are so busy – we have games every three or four days.”