Josip Ilicic har gjort dundersuccé i Palermo. Nu hävdar hans agent Amir Ruznic att många engelska storklubbar är intresserade av Ilicic.

”Clubs from England are going crazy for him – Liverpool, Tottenham and Chelsea all want him,” sa Ruznic till Sportal.

”But Chelsea wants him the most. There is also an interest from Spain, other Italian clubs and Russia, but I doubt that transfer will happen soon.

”[Palermo president] Maurizio Zamparini wants him for at least the next two years. He is 70 years old and he doesn’t need the money, he just wants to do something big with Palermo.

”He wants them to be champions, but who knows what will happen.

”Clubs are ready to pay €15millon for Ilicic but that is not enough. If somebody is ready to pay €20, €25 million, than something could happen.

”But he won’t leave for less than 20 millon euros, that is for sure.”

* * *

Den extremt eftertraktade Eden Hazard har snackat med om alla de transferrykten som omger honom. Så här sa tonåringen: “Real Madrid is a legendary football club, as are Barcelona, Manchester United and many others. All of the big clubs make my mouth water. I wouldn’t rule out any of them.”

* * *

Liverpool är intresserade av Napolis Ezequiel Lavezzi (TalkSPORT, Leggo).

Manchester City, Barcelona, Real Madrid och Chelsea är intresserade av Andrea Pirlo (Gazzetta dello Sport).

Både Liverpool och Chelsea var intresserade av Mario Gomez i januari (BBC Sport).

Blackburn och Bayern München visar intresse för Rasmus Elm (The Daily Mail).