Via den officiella hemsidan har Roy Hodgson kommenterat de många transferspekulationerna som omger Liverpool.

Hodgson bekräftar att klubben jobbar hårt på att få behålla spelare: ”We are working very hard on making certain the players we have at the club who you would call the ’good players’ are going to be with us for next season.

”The board are working very hard in that area. Some players are a bit disenchanted after what happened last season and we want to make sure we get that enchantment back.”

Samtidigt jobbar man på att förstärka truppen: ”We are looking to add to and improve the squad, but I prefer not to talk or say what we are doing until we have something concrete to announce.”

Spekulationerna ska man dock inte ta för allvarligt, menar Hodgson.

”We are being linked with players left, right and centre and it amuses me that we are sometimes linked with players we haven’t even heard of.

”I have great faith in the Liverpool public that they will see through the snippets of information they may read in the newspapers, take it with a pinch of salt and wait for an official announcement.”