Några dagar efter den sorgliga insatsen mot Chelsea är det dags för Liverpool att ta sig an ett nytt lag från huvudstaden. Fulham kommer till Anfield och får Liverpools del handlar det om att bryta den extremt dåliga hemmasviten. Russ Goldman(@Russ_Goldman) berättar här om hur våra motståndare mår.

1. What are your thoughts on the season so far, are you happy with the teams performances so far?
I am very happy with the performances after around the sixth match, as then Fulham’s season truly began. The problem is Fulham’s season started moving forward as the new players were introduced into the lineup. The team at the beginning of the season is completely different to the team now.

2. You have been in the relegation battle this season, how do you rate your chances of staying up?
I feel very strongly that Fulham will stay up. Fulham will be in mostly every match, because the defence is that solid. What is holding them back is scoring and my hope is that we are getting closer to fixing that issue, the more the team plays together.

3. The only team in the relegation battle who has changed manager this season is WBA, do you think that is a trend for the future and are you happy that Fulham has kept Parker as manager?
There is no way Fulham are sacking Parker and I believe they truly back him far beyond this season. He was not my choice as Fulham manager, but he has proven me wrong, and I hope he stays at Fulham for a long time.

4. Who has been your player of the season so far?
It would have to be Alphonse Areola as he is a world class goalkeeper and Fulham are fortunate to have him. He has given us a chance to get points in every match, and also has kept us in these matches. He is one of the reasons I feel Fulham will stay up.

5. If you manage to stay up, what do you need to do next season to get away from the relegation battle?
It would be to sign several of the players who are here on loan, and add a few quality players to go along with them. Areola and Andersen are two players I would make every effort to sign. With that said they would need a quality striker and a creative sentral midfielder to make this team complete.

6. We have now watched Premier League without people in the stands for a year, how will you remember this time?
I will remember it with sadness as it is not the same without the supporters, but also very thankful that we have football to keep our minds off of the pandemic for a few hours during each match.

7. What kind of game do you expect at Anfield?
I expect Fulham to play Liverpool on the break, and take their chances when they come. Liverpool are still Liverpool so I do expect a very tough match for Fulham. However, Fulham should have beaten Liverpool the first time so they know they are more than good enough to play with the champions. I think Fulham are going to get a point at Anfield so I am predicting 1-1 for this match.