Enligt Skysports.com representerar företaget Seymour Pierce en mycket seriös spekulant på Liverpool. Dessa uppgifter bekräftas Seymour Pierces Keith Harris.

”All I am prepared to say is that we have looked at it very carefully on behalf of would-be buyers, who we know are very serious, we know are cash rich, we know have the right incentive and are prepared to take a long-term view. I can’t say any more at the minute.”

Harris menar att de som han representerar inte vill träda fram offentligt i dagsläget: ”That’s not the way business should be done. A few years ago this firm represented Randy Lerner acquiring Aston Villa and until the word got out, we hadn’t said a word. The deal was then done quickly and decisively. There was then a public splash but it went quiet again.

”That’s the right way football clubs should be dealt with. It’s a huge media event when one changes hands. I don’t think the media event should be the run up to that, it should be when it happens.”

Harris ifrågasätter även det rykte som hävdar att Liverpool går att köpa för £325 miljoner: ”The kind of prices I have read about do not properly value this asset and I doubt it would be sold for that. It sounds way too low for me.”

Vidare pratar Harris om vad Liverpool behöver från en ny ägare, och passar även på att dela ut en känga till Rafa Benitez, som han dock inte nämner vid namn: ”What we know about Liverpool is that there is a sum of money required to acquire it and to deal with the debt situation. That frankly is a market trade – what can be paid, what can be accepted by the owners, what is acceptable ownership structure, who the people are.

”In the case of Liverpool there are then other considerations.

”There is a new manager and the previous manager was not short on money, he spent pretty liberally and didn’t get a squad that was good enough, frankly. So there is an investment in the squad, how much does a new owner have to invest in the squad to get it to the standard which can challenge for a top four place, which I think Liverpool fans will rightly say they should be.”

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  1. Låter som en av H&G ’s hantlangare

    Alt, om vi får dessa snubbar så får vi röra oss med samma transferbudget som rafa, sälj spelar och ersätt dom om du vill, men se för faan till att det blir den bästa truppen i världen.

  2. Tror detta är sken manöver från piff och puff,för att få upp priset…..
    Jag tror och hoppas att bara kinesen är seriös…

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