Wigan fick inte någon exemplar av Michael Owens 34 sidor långa reklambroschyr om sig själv, men å andra sidan verkar de inte vara ett dugg intresserade av att värva honom heller.

Klubbens ägare och tillika ordförande Dave Whelan lät inte överdrivet sugen på Owen när han blev intervjuad under gårdagen:

“We’ve not had the brochure

“Would we be interested? No. One, his wages are too expensive. Two, has he got the urge, the bottle and the drive to do what the Premier League wants? It’s a big question.

“I hope he has because he has been a great player. I tried to sign him and said to his agent I would pay £15million to bring him to Wigan and let him leave whenever he wanted.

“But he’s looking a bit injury-prone now and loves his horses. I’m not criticising the lad, he has been a magnificent player and can still do a hell of a job for somebody, but I think he will want to go to a much bigger club than Wigan. Everton and Liverpool might think differently.”

Nu ifrågasätta alltså inte bara Owens klass, utan även hans hunger. Frågan är om han inte hamnar utomlands till slut, hans rykte i England verkar vara uruselt.