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Efter rapporterna tidigare i veckan om att värvningen av Daniel Sturridge stött på problem (av finansiella skäl), så har Brendan Rodgers idag talat ut och samtidigt skickat iväg några välriktade passningar till den blå delen av London.

“They will get a good contract coming here but if they want to argue over money, and other things that go around it, I don’t want them here,” said Rodgers. “In my experience those players will eventually let you down anyway. So, for us, it is about getting players in who are hungry to succeed and to pull on the shirt.

“That’s the simple message for any player coming here – you can’t take the money and run. You have to earn the right to play for this club and to help us succeed.

Han fortsatte sin argumentation med att Liverpool behöver hungriga spelare, och att dyra etablerade spelare inte alltid är det rätta svaret.

“The club are really on board with me on that. It is part of what we need to be successful again. You trace back over many years at this football club and they have brought hungry players in. They were also good players, but they were all hungry.

“I’ve seen it at Chelsea, you pay a fortune for top players and it doesn’t always work when you spent £30 million or £20 million, it doesn’t guarantee you anything.

“You could bring a boy in here on a free transfer or bring him from the Championship, all of these big players weren’t dropped out of heaven, they have to come from somewhere and the most important thing when you get that type in is that they’re hungry to succeed.

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