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Liverpool har inlett kontraktsförhandlingar med en långtidsskadade backen Martin Kelly (The Daily Mail).

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Liverpool hade scouter på plats i matchen mellan Genoa och Palermo. Andreas Granqvist och Alexander Merkel var måltavlorna (Sky Italia, TMW). Merkel satt dessvärre på bänken under hela matchen.

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Jamie Carragher har blivit garanterad ett livstidsjobb i Liverpool efter spelarkarriären. Brendan Rodgers vill dock att Carra ska fortsätta spela även nästa säsong för att hjälpa klubbens talanger att mogna.

Enligt The Mirror sa Rodgers: “Jamie still has a lot to offer this club – and he is in such great physical and mental condition that he could carry on playing here for a few more years. Of course, the time comes for even the greatest players to sit down and think about what they want to do once they have stopped playing.

“Jamie is a great student of the game. He can go down whatever route he wants and I am sure the club will sort that out for him when the time comes. Whether it is coaching, scouting, or recruitment is up to Jamie. But whatever it is there will be a role here for him because he is an iconic figure at Liverpool.

”Jamie sees the game exactly as I do. He knows what I want and having on-the-field leaders like him and Steven Gerrard is even more important at the moment because we have a team of young players who need the right guidance.

“This is someone who has played over 700 games for ­Liverpool, a monumental achievement. But what I love most is that he respects the club. He has achieved everything in the game and he could be banging on my door and asking why he’s not playing more.

“He doesn’t do that because he knows he’s still got a big role to play. His influence is massive. Jamie is a wonderful ­professional. He eats well, goes home to rest and his physical condition is incredible. He is also as strong a player mentally as I have come across – and I have been fortunate to work with other big players.”

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Theo Walcott är nära att skriva på ett nytt treårskontrakt med Arsenal (The Mirror).

Arsenals styrelse har informerat Arsene Wenger om att han har åtminstone £35 miljoner att spendera i januari (The Mirror).

Manchester Citys manager Roberto Mancini är beredd att dumpa Mario Balotelli (The Mirror).

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Och så kastar jag in några mål som Liverpools U18-lag nyligen gjorde mot Middlesbrough: