Liverpool har bekräftat att målvakten Doni har skrivit på för klubben.

Den hela 195 centimeter långa 31-åringen har en gedigen meritlista, som bland annat innehåller 10 A-landskamper för Brasilien.

Damien Comolli betonar Doni blir andramålvakt bakom Pepe Reina: ”When you come here and know you will be a number two behind Pepe, what’s important for us is the attitude and mentality off the pitch and in the changing room. He’s got to be supportive of the number one but also be aggressive enough to push the number one on a daily basis, and I think Doni represents all that”, sa Comolli.

”When we approached him the first time, obviously he wanted to be a number one somewhere but he said Liverpool Football Club is such a big club that if we wanted him to come as a number two then he would come,” fortsatte Comolli.