Nyligen värvade Liverpool 16-åringen Michael Ngoo från Southend United.

Lyckligtvis handlar det inte om något ”rån”. Southend United är nämligen ytterst nöjda med hur Liverpool har genomfört förhandlingarna.

Southends ungdomsansvarige Ricky Duncan hyllar Liverpools beteende.

“Liverpool were excellent from the word go. Obviously we would have liked to have kept the player but when an opportunity like this came along for him we couldn’t stand in his way, säger Duncan till Liverpool Echo.

“I think Michael first came to Liverpool’s attention in the Milk Cup where he played well and scored a few goals.

“After that Liverpool got in touch with us and offered him a trial. Then they made us an offer which we thought was a fair price.

“It’s very early in his career but we believe he has the potential to go on and carve out a good career for himself at Liverpool.

“He leaves Southend with our best wishes and we’re delighted that he has managed to move on to a club of Liverpool’s stature.”

Liverpool kommer att betala £250 000 för den långe anfallaren, som har jämförts med Peter Crouch.