Rent statistiskt är Boltons lagkapten Kevin Davies Premier Leagues fulaste spelare.

Davies är nämligen den spelaren som får flest frisparkar emot sig i hela ligan. Tvåa i den statistiken är för övrigt Evertons vildhund Tim Cahill.

Hur som helst, nyligen passade Davies på att dela ut en rejäl känga till ligans alla filmare.

”I can never sleep the night after a game, so I go online and read match reports and quotes from fans on forums. Some of them say they would rather watch non-League games now because there’s more honesty there, säger Davies till The Telegraph.

”They say that seeing players diving and rolling around in the Premier League is too much. It’s the same when you listen to the phone-ins on the radio.

”I hate players feigning injury. It’s a man’s game and, when players are trying to get you booked, it’s not nice to see.

”I’m happy with the way I play. I always play honestly. I don’t ever try to dive, roll around or scream.

”I don’t try to buy fouls, but sometimes you don’t get what you deserve. The cheating side of it is something I can’t do. I’m no angel, but I try to play honestly.”

Det var ord och inga visor.