Nu har Fulhams manager Martin Jol bekräftat att Clint Dempsey vill lämna klubben.

* * *

Enligt The Daily Mail framförde Jol ytterligare kommentarer om Dempsey på presskonferensen. Dessa kommentarer berörde direkt Liverpools intresse för amerikanen.

”That was very disappointing,” sa Jol om Liverpools offentliga intresse för Dempsey samt missen på NESN:s hemsida.

”There was never an offer. Clint himself told everyone he was going to Liverpool before he came back so we really thought there was quite a firm interest in him.

”Even (Rodgers) told everyone he was interested in Clint Dempsey, but our people never had an offer on the table, so it’s almost embarrassing.

”If you have shown interest in a player, especially in England, you have to follow it up with an offer. They didn’t.

”Maybe Liverpool will come back. I can assure you that our chairman is strong enough. At first we didn’t want to get rid of him, later on we had to change our position.

”But our view is that we won’t let Clint Dempsey go on the cheap, that’s for sure.”