Ian Wright är riktigt förbannad över hur Manchester City behandlar hans son Shaun Wright-Phillips.

Den förre storanfallaren menar att SWP:s VM-chanser försämras av att City inte går med på att erbjuda honom ett nytt kontrakt, och ett de behandlar honom som en ungdomsspelare.

“I tell you what was really awkward, they [Manchester City] called him in and he wants to sign his deal, wants to sign for the rest of his career so he can be settled and get ready to go [to the World Cup in South Africa],” sa Ian Wright i radioprogrammet Talksport.

“But there’s these people like Brian Marwood and Garry Cook mugging him off, treating him like a youth team player and not someone who actually wants to be there because of what he thinks Manchester City can do. He signed before all the money came.

“He plays when he’s injured. He’s playing when he’s injured and I’m trying to make him realise how important it is this year because if he misses out on this World Cup then it might not happen again.

“But he says ’dad, what do you want me to do?  If they want me to play, I’ve got to play.’ And I say: ’you’re going to play when you’re half injured?  You’re not doing anyone any good.’

“He’s played and then they’ve left him out.  He’s lost form and so I’m thinking to myself that he’s not going to make the [England] team, not even make the bench, and then for him to come on [against Egypt] and do what he did and be really positive like we’ve told him be.  I felt like I was going to cry last night.

“It’s been a really hard couple of months with Shaun with what~s going on at City.”

I dagsläget har SWP drygt 2 år kvar på sitt kontrakt som ger honom £60 000 i veckan, vilket är betydligt mindre än vad vissa av hans medspelare i Man City tjänar.

SWP gjorde ett mycket bra intryck i Englands senaste träningsmatch mot Egypten, men enligt Ian Wright sätter Man City käppar i hjulet för sonens VM-chanser. Dessutom dissar Wright City-cheferna Gary Cook & Brian Marwood.

“When you have people like Marwood and Cook, who for me are just a bit full of themselves, I’m not sure they know exactly what they are doing deep down so I’m just a bit worried about that.

“I would love him to be settled so he could just concentrate on getting City into the top four, which would be brilliant for all of them.

“That’s what he wants to do and then God willing he can end up getting on the plane and going to the World Cup, doing well for England and everything would be great.

“That’s what I would like to happen.  But you know how football is, it’s different from one week to the next.  Shaun has done well in this game.

“Unfortunately it didn’t go as well for Theo [Walcott].  He must be really disappointed, but then maybe the next game [it will be better].  It just changes so quickly.  You just take it while it’s going; he’s got to keep that form going.”