Det spekuleras en hel del kring Roy Hodgsons framtid. Tidningarna hävdar att han kan bli aktuell som t.ex. manager för Liverpool eller förbundskapten för England(!).

Hodgson förnekar inte att en storklubb vore intressant för honom.

”If the day comes when a so-called big club wants me and I’m available then I would be happy to do it,” säger Hodgson till

”If the question is ’Now you’ve reached this final are you putting yourself on the market to try to get the biggest club you can get?’ then the answer is no, I’m not.

”I’ve signed a contract here. I’m happy at Fulham. Until I hear otherwise that’s where I intend to be working.

”There’s always speculation about managers. The speculation is rife about me at the moment but it will be rife around someone else in the future. That’s the nature of things.”