En spelare som var oerhört eftertraktad i januaris transferfönster var Adam Hammill, som ju till slut hamnade i Wolves. Nyligen pratade Hammill om hur det gick till när Liverpool dumpade honom.

“I rarely spoke to Rafa, which was disheartening,” sa Hammill till The Daily Express.

“I got called into a little room and it was left to Rafa’s staff to tell me, Jack Hobbs and Paul Anderson that they had had some interest in us and as long as they could get some money, we could go.

“Liverpool let me go, in my opinion wrongly, and so it was good for me to show them something by making my Premier League debut against them.

“I’d joined at seven and was there until I was 21, and I was in the FA Youth Cup-winning team in 2006.

“A few lads from that side are with Accrington Stanley now. A few more are out of the game. When Liverpool told me, I just looked on it as one person’s opinion.”

Hammill utvecklades mycket i Barnsley, där han först var på lån och sedan köptes loss på en permanent deal. Där fick Hammill Mark Robins som manager, vilket han trivdes bra med, eftersom hans individuella coaching passade honom bättre än den som var i Liverpool, där han bara var en i mängden.
“I’d always thought the day I left Liverpool I’d be upset, but it was a different emotion,” sa Hammill.

“I said, ‘Look, I’ll prove you wrong’. I could have let it hit me, but instead I used it as ammunition. And I would go off somewhere I was wanted.

“I just went home to my girlfriend. I could have easily moped around. But the first thing I did with my brothers and my dad was go down the boxing gym. I had a session there and got a little bit of anger out.

“If I’d stayed at Liverpool I wouldn’t be where I’m at now. It had come to a full stop. I wasn’t getting a chance. It might have been different with a different manager, but I’m better off where I am.”