Liverpools ägare är beredda att satsa. Kenny Dalglish insisterar nämligen att Liverpool hade stora pengar att köpa spelare för i januari, även innan försäljningarna av Babel och framförallt Torres.

Dalglish menar att Liverpool hade värvat Carroll även om Torres hade blivit kvar, då ägarna var beredda att finansiera stora köp: “Well, they were giving this money to spend anyway,” sa Dalglish till The Telegraph.

“So whatever happened, the money coming in was irrelevant, there was money there for us. And I am sure they would have spent the money on Andy Carroll anyway, if they wanted him. They have put a lot of trust in the footballing staff to come up with players.

“We will work, other than window-shop, we will be working diligently to put names forward to move the club onwards and upwards.

“At the same time, we have to bear in mind they have to be better than what we’ve got and if they are not better than what we’ve got, we don’t get anybody. But the support is there from the owners.”