Under fredagskvällen släppte Liverpool följande pressmeddelande:

”Liverpool FC statement regarding the proposed sale of the club.

The Liverpool FC Board has reviewed a number of proposed bids for the club at a meeting held today.

The Board will continue to act in the best interests of Liverpool Football Club and its supporters, doing all that it can to ensure that the club is ultimately sold to a buyer who has the resources and real commitment to give it a long-term, stable and secure funding position for its plans.

The sale process is continuing. However, its timing and outcome remain uncertain. In the meantime, we will not comment on rumour and speculation.”

* * *

Ägarfrågan är alltså alltjämt oklar, men styrelsen bekräftar åtminstone att det finns konkret intresse, och man kommer att sälja till det budet som passar klubben bäst.

Man kan alltså läsa mellan raderna att Liverpools ekonomi prioriteras alltså före Hicks & Gillettes…